PBW---NASU Flower World

Nasu is located at Tochigi Preferecture and is well-known for it's beautiful scenery and mountain resorts and is famous of being one of the tourist spots here in Japan. We went to NASU Flower World and was amazed by the beautiful landscape that delight us with blooms! I've been into flower gardens before but it's a first to experience such a wonderful view to enjoy. With an excellent weather, colourful sights to cherish, having great laughs while eating some frappes--we had an enjoyable day! I hate to say this but spending time with my family outdoor and the beautiful weather draws me away from blogosphere to take a lil short break till my kids are off from school. I'm taking FULL advantage of our summer together and am sure I'll be missing them again when class resumes.

---I don't have any idea of the flower's name but these beauty caught my attention---
---Having some walks around the flower garden---
---The landscape is impressive and pleasing to the eyes------Gorgeous blooms was waiting for us to see, touch and smell---
---Thank you for a very nice weather and the beauty of nature---
---Haruka chan is now 4, she's grown big already---
---They make my life the happiest and colourful---
---Enjoying frappes to beat the summer heat---
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